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A brighter way to use blue

BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515

BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515 brings innovation to the blue laser in the form of a novel format that is resolved in the FITC channel. This dye is up to seven times brighter than FITC and offers significantly better resolution with less spillover into the PE channel. BD Horizon Brilliant Blue conjugated antibodies provide new avenues to resolve dim cell populations, enabling researchers to take advantage of better panel design and have more confidence in their results.

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BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet Dyes

15 color Immunophenotyping on the BD LSRFortessa™ X-20
The five-laser configuration of the BD LSRFortessa X-20 flow cytometer combined with novel BD Horizon Brilliant™ Violet and BD Horizon Brilliant Ultraviolet reagents enables optimal panel design based on antigen density and fluorochrome brightness.
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Sample Traceability  

BD FACS™ Sample Traceability System
The BD FACS™ Sample Traceability System delivers barcode functionality across the entire workflow on BD FACS™ SPA III, BD FACSCanto™ II with BD FACS™ Loader and BD Trucount™ tubes, reducing manual operator interactions and potential errors, saving time and providing full sample traceability. It delivers a fully integrated, easy-to-use data management system, optimizing productivity and reliability of patient data in the clinical flow cytometry lab.
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BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet 737 (BUV737)
BUV737 is an additional dye that can be excited by the 355-nm laser, increasing flexibility in multicolor panel design. In most cases, BUV737 reagents will be brighter than FITC and BD Horizon Brilliant™ Ultraviolet 395 reagents.
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FVS reagents  

BD Horizon™ Fixable Viability Stain (FVS) Reagents
The FVS dyes are used to discriminate viable from non-viable mammalian cells based on fluorescence intensity. There are dyes for the violet (FVS450 and FVS510), blue (FVS520), and red lasers (FVS660).
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July 4, 2014
Free Workshop prior to EACR-23:
Innovative Technologies for Cancer Research Applications
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July 5-8, 2014
EACR, Munich, Germany

July 9-11, 2014
BAC 2014 - Federación Española de Biotecnólogos, Barcelona, Spain


June 24, 2014
Stem Cell Analysis on the BD Accuri™ C6
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