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Yujie Liu on Cancer Stem Cells

BD Accuri News - InterviewYujie Liu is assistant professor in the Breast Cancer department at Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital in Guangzhou, China. Dr. Liu told us about her research on drug resistance in cancer stem cells and explained why the BD Accuri™ flow cytometer has become the instrument of choice in her research group.
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Use Isotype Controls

In addition to binding to their target antigens, fluorescent antibodies also bind to cells in nonspecific ways. Because nonspecific binding increases background signal, it’s important to account for it by using the proper controls.
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Combined benefits. Combined value.

Buy a BD Accuri C6 now and receive 40% off the list price of BD stem cell reagents - including the kits matching the software templates – for the next 6 months. Now you can simplify your workflow while dramatically reducing the cost of operation of your personal flow cytometer.
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A Brighter Alternative to FITC


Makes working with FITC seem rather dull


As one of the most common fluorochromes for the blue laser, FITC is almost a default option. Now BD offers an alternative to FITC, developed exclusively by BD Biosciences using technology acquired from Sirigen Ltd.

BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue 515 (BB515) is significantly brighter than FITC—up to seven times brighter, depending on the conjugate. Like FITC, it emits into the FL1 channel of the BD Accuri C6 using the standard 533/30 filter, but has less spillover into the FL2 channel.

BB515 expands choice and flexibility for multicolor panel design and is ideal for use with low-density markers.

BB515 conjugates are currently available for a variety of human and mouse specificities. Visit for an up-to-date list.

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August 30–September 4, 2014 – Paris, France


September 14–18, 2014 – Tours, France

International Symposium on Dendritic Cells ›

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