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Expanding the options for clinical flow cytometry
BD introduces CE-IVD reagents for 8-color cytometer setup and analysis

High performance flow cytometry starts with a successful setup.
The recently released BD FACSDiva™ CS&T IVD Beads and CE-IVD BD™ Multicolor CompBeads enable clinicians to standardize cytometer setup and fluorescence compensation for  8-color CE-IVD flow cytometric analysis with BD FACSDiva™ 7 software on a BD FACSCanto™ II cytometer.
To further expand the options for 8-color flow cytometric panel design, BD also adds three new colors to its portfolio of CE-IVD conjugated antibodies: BD™ APC-H7, BD Horizon™ V450 and V500-C.

BD FACSDiva CS&T IVD BeadsBD FACSCantoBD FACSDiva 7 Software
BD Multicolor CompbeadsCE-IVD Multicolor reagents

BD FACSDiva™ CS&T Beads – setup, tracking and application settings all in one vial
The BD FACSDiva CS&T IVD Beads, together with BD FACSDiva 7 software, provide automated setup of the BD FACSCanto™ II instrument. Once the cytometer’s baseline is defined, the CS&T beads are also used to perform a daily cytometer QC and to determine weekly lyse/wash application settings.
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BD™ Multicolor CompBeads – for generic and label-specific compensation
BD Multicolor CompBeads
With the new BD Multicolor CompBeads, fluorescence compensation of multicolor stained samples is optimized: the CE-IVD beads accurately compensate corrections also for spectral overlap for the violet dyes BD Horizon™ V450 and V500-C, without using valuable cell samples. The BD Multicolor CompBeads are highly recommended for experiments in which tandem dye conjugates (eg APC-H7) are incorporated.

BD Multicolor reagents – explore the colorful world of BD CE-IVD dyes
BD Multicolor reagents
BD expands your options for clinical flow cytometric experiments through the release of three CE-IVD dyes. The new CE-IVD APC-H7 tandem dye offers greater stability in ambient light and reduced spillover, making it easier to handle and ensuring reliable results. The new BD Horizon V450 and BD Horizon V500-C reagents, designed to deliver exceptional performance on the violet laser, complete your panel of 8 CE-IVD conjugated reagents.

BD FACSDiva™ 7 software – Streamlined workflow from setup through analysis
BD FACSDiva™ 7 software
Supporting the BD FACSCanto II cytometer, BD FACSDiva 7 software is the software of choice for clinical flow cytometry. The CE-IVD software guarantees  data integrity and helps ensure reproducible results by enabling automated cytometer setup. In addition, automated performance tracking simplifies quality control.

BD FACSCanto™ II – the center of an integrated 8 color system
The BD FACSCanto II system features ease of use, performance and high-quality results. At the center of an integrated system the BD FACSCanto II cytometer is complemented by innovative software and by an ever expanding portfolio of BD conjugated antibody specificities, now including the new BD CE-IVD Horizon V500-C, V450 and the BD APC-H7 reagents.

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